Our "Stay With It" Program

At Raleigh Hypnosis, we know success with hypnosis depends on many factors, such as session attendance and client motivation, attitude and cooperation.  We also know from experience that the amount of time each individual may need to achieve her or his goals can vary. 

Raleigh Hypnosis is committed to provide every dedicated client with the educational services they require with our "Stay With It!" Program.  Simply put, once you've paid the program fee in full, we will help you stay with it, by offering you the time and number of sessions you need to help get you the results you desire!

After the initial training period is completed, we'll provide Free Reinforcement sessions at your request on an as needed basis until you attain your desired results.*  If you ever regress with your habit or problem, our services will be available to you at no extra charge.

Raleigh Hypnosis is committed to your success and we will "Stay With It" for as long as you do.  Find out more by calling us at 919-424-8321.


(*-maximum one session per month)