Lose Weight

Many Americans and Triangle residents are looking for the best way to lose weight.  Most overweight people have tried one or many diet plans without long-term success.  What Raleigh Hypnosis wants you to know is that it’s not the diets that don’t work.  It's the weight loss candidate's ability to stick with the plan, that is usually the obstacle. 

Hypnosis can provide an extra edge to help you follow through with your diet and exercise plans.  Hypnosis is a safe way to help people stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan.  While you are under hypnosis, your mind is incredibly focused and open to new suggestions.  When you are in this state, you’re much more likely to adopt to the healthy behaviors suggested to you.

One of the many success stories at Raleigh Hypnosis comes from Natalie Hight, who lost 72 pounds and 12 dress sizes in a year's time.*  See her story and before & after pictures here.

In the case of Kara Jane, Dana, Ken, Linda and Raye (pictured below), our hypnosis program has helped them lose over 250 pounds collectively, so far.*


The Raleigh Hypnosis Weight Loss Program includes six elements.

1. View healthy foods as desirable.  Change your view of starches, fatty and sweet foods to boring or uninteresting. This eliminates the feeling of being deprived.

2. Increase your movement to make life in general more active. This takes the punishment feeling out of exercise and makes it fun, or a method to relieve stress.

3. Reinforce your changes so that they begin to feel real and permanent. This is how you stop the yo-yo and begin to live wth a thin mindset.

4. Build confidence so that no challenge seems larger than you.  When you reach your weight loss goal, you enjoy the person you see in the mirror. Feel generally happy in your own skin and be able to focus on the moment you’re in, rather than be caught up by internal thoughts and feelings.

5. Manage your emotions and stress in a mature way without reverting to food for comfort. This allows you to make decisions based on the outcome you desire rather.  You avoid the trap of being short-sighted or making rash instant gratification choices that hurt you in the long run, in work, marriage, friendships and finance.

6. Utilize self hypnosis training to reinforce your new lifestyle and improve on other personal goals. The self hypnosis allows you to change every aspect of your life as feelings or obstacles arise in life.

Imagine ...  if you actually enjoyed healthy fruits and veggies and didn’t crave cupcakes or fries.  What if going to the gym or talking a daily walk was no longer a chore, but something you actually looked forward to?  Hypnosis can make these attitudes a possibility. 

Instead of popping a pill, change your cravings and behavior patterns to become healthier.  Achieve long-term weight loss and a healthier lifestyle by embracing your new behavior. 

See if hypnosis is the extra boost you need to help you meet your weight loss goals.  Contact Raleigh Hypnosis for your Free Hypnosis Screening.  You can reach us by phone at 919-424-8321.