About Us

We believe that Raleigh Hypnosis offers the absolutely best service available, the lowest possible cost, with the least amount of hassle.  We can play a key role in helping you meet challenges such as weight loss, quitting smoking and managing undesirable behavior.

Here’s why.
Professional Facilities
Professional Hypnotist with in-depth experience in hypnosis provides individual sessions for custom programs in our office.
Regardless of how many sessions you may need to attain your desired results and goals, we stay with the problem until you are happy. 
Free Hypnotic Screening
We give a 30-40 minute screening. It’s fun and informative. We will give you an honest and in depth explanation of hypnosis and evaluate your situation. If we do not feel hypnosis will benefit you, we will tell you so. Call now and make an appointment for your screening.
The Country is Discovering Hypnosis

You may have personally seen articles in publications such as Newsweek ® and Fitness ®, or TV shows discussing the effectiveness of hypnosis. Perhaps you're thinking, "If only I had called the first time I thought about hypnosis, I would have been thin a year sooner." Why suffer when you can get the support you need?

Are you ready? 

Contact Raleigh Hypnosis at 919-424-8321.